Hello Cusheist!

What a Saturday on March 3rd! A platoon from the Cushe Team decided to go have a little fun in the snow by driving up to Mont Avila. The mountain was busy with all sort of activities: the Ski School and Two Mountain Ski Club Carnaval, The North Face Future Pro Tour, the K2 Axis Slopestyle and the Coors Light Mountain Challenge. Speaking of it, congratulations to Snowboard/Freeski Firm for spearheading the North Face Future Pro Tour that promotes a performance environment for kids, but without the pressure usually associated with it. We will keep an eye on what you are doing in the future!

Another important partner for the day was without a doubt Axis (Scott was all over the mountain!) who were sponsoring the Slopestyle, the Future Pro Tour AND the Mountain Challenge! Of course, big thanks also to everyone at Avila (cheers Christian) for their help and devotion on bringing these energic events to the mountain!

But Team Cushe was there with a special mission : help our friends at Bite Size who were the driving force behind the Coors Light Mont Saint-Sauveur Mountain Challenge. In this original competition, a filmmaker and a rider had 3 days to produce a 3 minutes video on the slopes of Mont Avila and Mont Saint-Sauveur. They were judged on riding (40%) and on technical strength of the video. You want passion? These duos were filled with it, offering us some amazing works! Here are some of my favorites, but to see all of them, either go on the Mountain Challenge site ( or go on Youtube and type Coors Mountain Challenge 2012.   My favorite from Jérémie Bouchard and Zach Aller From Justin Loiselle and Didier Godbout : very original effects! Nice work! They are the grand prize winners of the Coors Light Mountain Challenge  excellent vibe in this one!

And here is the Cushe Special prize winner for best sound :  listen to it with headphones, the sound is amazing! A real sound trip!
Go see them all on Youtube!

The party itself was sensational, so many people that the temperature became torrid. The barmaids and bartenders were stocked by our t-shirts and even convinced their boss to be allowed to wear them for the evening. We were also there with some of our best products, which stunned, tease and seduced everyone! So many cool memories were shared! Thanks to Stephanie, Alex, Marie-Eve and her hunk of a man, JF DuRocher for the opportunity, Scott Reeves for his implication, and everyonewho were there!